Is it Fashion or Art….choosing a style of shooting


about face leaf copy 2December shoot 8 copy reducedFashion is…. in a very real sense, an art form, celebrated and explored through the ART of photography.  The work of a Fine Arts Photographer in particular, lends itself well within the fashion industry, as it’s style is more appreciated in it’s conceptual applications and it’s ability to further create and bring forward a visual story.

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Acquiring and further developing my own personal shooting style remains my focus and an area that allows an outlet for much creativity and an opportunity for ideas to come alive and to be further shared and communicated.  Welcome to my style of shooting….., click on each separate photo to further enlarge.Mary spiral

The Art of Fashion Retailing

desi store 12 reducedIn keeping with my featured segments on the work of local entrepreneurs in the fashion stream, welcome to the Art of Fashion Retailing and Desi Pecoskie, a local based business professional and owner of Desi’s store 3

As quoted in the June edition of Business London, “Desi is a one-woman fashion retailer, who leverages both unique products and a marketing mix to grow her business”.   Throughout the many items offered, which include a vast assortment of scarves, bags, shoes, jewelry and the ever popular sheep skin Des Boots, that she designed and had manufactured in Australia (a good purchase to consider given the impending cooler weather arriving shortly)…,  Desi’s added a new collection of clothing from Katy St. Laurent, a Montreal based designer of active and fitness wear who is new to Ontario and was the recent focus of a fashion show featuring her KSL Spring and Summer line.

With the further addition of new items coming in for the Fall Winter season, Desi’s Boutique will be available  to receive orders both in-store at her Bathurst street location and through her on-line shopping website.   For further information please see

Desi collage copy resizedDesi's logo sent today reduced

The Art of Styling

styling 11It is said that you are only as good as the people who you surround yourself with…. hence the subject of my latest entry, the job of the STYLIST.  As every photographer knows, whether they’re hired by a client to do a specific job or…., just working on shooting material to up-date their own portfolio, styling is a vital part of the process.  Through hair, make-up and wardrobe, the skills and raw talent of these individual artists will ultimately show through and have an effect on the final product.  Although by it’s very nature, photo sessions are quite dynamic and can take on a life of their own as they progress, it’s often influenced by an idea or a further interpretation on theme by one of these gifted individuals.Styling 7

Styling 5




Welcome to the ART OF DRESSING, the first of many featured segments, highlighting the work of local entrepreneurs who are involved in fashion-focused businesses or related activities within London and the surrounding area.

Scallop Styling is such a business and the brainchild of Aja, a local based business professional…., who combines both her sense of style and fashion savvy, by offering her clients assistance in wardrobe analysis, consultation….. and personalized styling.  As Aja explains….,  “I typically utilize  items that are already available in my client’s closets as a basis to build upon and then infuse additional staple pieces to further compliment my client’s lifestyle and personality”.   Personal Shopping and Event Packing are amongst just a few of the other services, that Scallop Styling provides and offers….

Certainly a worthwhile investment which can save valuable time and money, by preventing those “what was I thinking” impulse buys and making fashion mis-steps while attempting to put together a fashionable look.  Aja likes to refer to the sense of style that she puts forward as…, Classic Chic with a bit of a twist.

For further contact information and details see    Website: (coming soon). 

Artist in Residence……


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For me, shooting a photograph isn’t just about snapping a posed figure…… it’s about getting into character and capturing the different moods and emotions as the essence of that figure emerges.

As with all forms of art….., the process is quite individualistic and borne from within the vision of the person who is creating it.   It all begins with a concept and develops from there.  For me…., it all has to do with telling a story through pictures which can provide either a narrative, that is directly stated within the image or left to the imagination to be further interpreted by the viewer.

The environment in which it’s shot, is an extremely important part of the process and this is where we will begin…..  welcome to my in-studio segment.

I currently reside in an 1100 square foot studio which is located in Arva (North end of London).  I primarily use strobe lighting which is typically the industry standard to shoot fashion photography.   I incorporate a number of different powered strobes (monolights)….,  a combination of  200 and 400 watts to illuminate my sets.

Fashion, Art and Photography

Welcome to my world of fashion, art and photography….

I believe that photographic images are like storyboards…. they reflect a small part of a much bigger picture !   Since we reveal so much of ourselves as artists through these images, it seems only fitting, to begin this journey by welcoming you on a discovery of art and fashion “through the focus of my lens”.

By taking either a seat doing one of my professional shoots, or learning some of the skills that I’ve acquired over the years…., I hope to entice your interest in my featured monthly segments, which will include;  images, interviews and videos of fashion photography ……, highlighting both my own and other local artists’ and industry professional’s work.

I am the founder of Picture this Image photography in London, Ontario and I welcome you to follow me on my blog.    Cheers, Mish

This is my first slideshow video of my photo shoot with December