Welcome to the ART OF DRESSING, the first of many featured segments, highlighting the work of local entrepreneurs who are involved in fashion-focused businesses or related activities within London and the surrounding area.

Scallop Styling is such a business and the brainchild of Aja, a local based business professional…., who combines both her sense of style and fashion savvy, by offering her clients assistance in wardrobe analysis, consultation….. and personalized styling.  As Aja explains….,  “I typically utilize  items that are already available in my client’s closets as a basis to build upon and then infuse additional staple pieces to further compliment my client’s lifestyle and personality”.   Personal Shopping and Event Packing are amongst just a few of the other services, that Scallop Styling provides and offers….

Certainly a worthwhile investment which can save valuable time and money, by preventing those “what was I thinking” impulse buys and making fashion mis-steps while attempting to put together a fashionable look.  Aja likes to refer to the sense of style that she puts forward as…, Classic Chic with a bit of a twist.

For further contact information and details see scallop.styling@gmail.com    Website: http://www.scallopstyling.com (coming soon).