desi store 12 reducedIn keeping with my featured segments on the work of local entrepreneurs in the fashion stream, welcome to the Art of Fashion Retailing and Desi Pecoskie, a local based business professional and owner of Desi’s store 3

As quoted in the June edition of Business London, “Desi is a one-woman fashion retailer, who leverages both unique products and a marketing mix to grow her business”.   Throughout the many items offered, which include a vast assortment of scarves, bags, shoes, jewelry and the ever popular sheep skin Des Boots, that she designed and had manufactured in Australia (a good purchase to consider given the impending cooler weather arriving shortly)…,  Desi’s added a new collection of clothing from Katy St. Laurent, a Montreal based designer of active and fitness wear who is new to Ontario and was the recent focus of a fashion show featuring her KSL Spring and Summer line.

With the further addition of new items coming in for the Fall Winter season, Desi’s Boutique will be available  to receive orders both in-store at her Bathurst street location and through her on-line shopping website.   For further information please see

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